Speedy fun will attract huge crowd

When the East End Surf Challenge blasts off in couple of weeks, the two riders to look out for are Seth Watler from WesTec and Nathan Mclean from Trying A Thing.

surf challenge

Nathan McLean (52) is always amongst the leaders.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

Both were in sizzling form last year, sweeping everybody before them in virtually everything they entered.

This year’s Surf Challenge is the tenth and to make the occasion on 25 January, Heroes Day, even more attractive, entrance through the gates is free.

Shane ‘Nobee’ Edwards is the chief organiser and managing director of the 2Frenzied team. He is really excited that this promises to be the best attended and hopes international riders will be present as in previous years.

‘I’m not sure as to which international riders will be racing but the teams seem excited for the pro class,’ Edwards said. He hopes the event will get the coverage it deserves.

‘Presently there is no international press covering the event but through Caymanian Compass the information is global. I have all my friends in Jamaica, Bahamas, Bermuda, Trinidad and the US logged in to the websites and they are watching. I have a friend from Bahamas coming down to watch as his usual routine for the past six years.

‘We have contacted the Lisa Lee models and they will be providing a fashion show again and we welcome any girls that are interested to contact her.’

There will also be the traditional Flowers Bottled Water fish tea competition and lots of other attractions.

Tireless Edwards is pleased he has a great support team to ease the burden.

‘My support crew consists of young people from North Side and East End. They include Brandi Sheriff (registration manager), Eric Rankine, Jevon, Ken Watler, Alfred Rankine, OJ Rankine (race officials), Kasinda Rankine (treasurer), Fabian Scott and Daniel Mclean (mechanic/inspectors), Tony Coe (race marshal-point master), Dexter (race marshal-course layout) and Kendall Corner (EMT/site coordinator).

‘Because we’re not charging an entrance fee, we ask for people to support the event by purchasing a tenth anniversary t-shirt for only $10 from Winner Circle Sports, or any 2Frenzied member or online and send details.

As well as Flowers Bottled Water, sponsors include Red Bull, First Impression, Caymanian Compass, What’s Hot, Maedac, Hot FM, Cayman Screen Print, Morritt’s, Massive and Naya Wear.

The weekend activities kick off on Friday 22 January at the LI Nightclub with a night called Total Togetherness featuring Selecta Renegade, Eternal vibes and House Arrest.

The registration deadline is on 16 January.

Edwards added: ‘Part proceeds will be donated to the East End Primary School to purchase library books. 2frenzied has made contributions several times in the past and will continue to do this as we feel access to information is key to a child’s education.’

He is grateful for all the sponsorship he has received and hopes that the Ministry of Sports will support the event too.