Today’s Editorial for January 14: Time to help our neighbours

It’s time once again to open our hearts and wallets to our Caribbean neighbours in Haiti.

As we were learning about the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti Tuesday afternoon, buildings continued to collapse in that country where it is estimated that 3 million people are reeling from the quake’s devastation.

The usual relief agencies kicked into gear Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, as did a few individuals with links to that country.

To whom much is given, much is expected and in Cayman, we have been given abundance.

So far we know that Yves and Carmen Fontaine have secured a spot to put a container to collect items to send to Haiti, but at this writing they were still trying to source a container. If you can help them, please call 547-9697.

Cayman Outreach, the organisation whose mission it is to spread the word of God and help with disaster relief, has secured a container for donations.

The Red Cross, of course, has stepped up the plate as usual, but because of logistical unknowns, is not ready just yet to begin accepting donated items.

The same is true for the Cayman Council of the United Church. But both groups are ramping up their relief efforts and may have to initially offer monetary support only.

We’re sure there are others who are organising aid. Please let us know who you are so we can give you details in the Caymanian Compass and online at

While the damage we suffered from Hurricane Ivan pales from the hell that Haiti is going through now, we who lived through that storm know that help and aid following a disaster is much needed and appreciated.

Now is a good time to do advance spring cleaning and get rid of some of those clothes and shoes you can’t fit into anymore or haven’t worn in quite some time.

The people of Haiti are going to need everything anyone needs to live day-to-day.

And they also need our prayers.

Please, do what you can to help. See a listing of helping organisations on page 10 of today’s paper and on our website.