Governor, Premier off on right foot

A dignitary day trip to the Sister
Islands left Governor Duncan Taylor with washed feet and a vow from Deputy
Premier Juliana O’Connor-Connolly that the sisters want to remain part of an
Overseas Territory.

“No matter what you hear on the
talk shows about independence and people here wanting it, I am here to tell you
that no one in Little Cayman or Cayman Brac have any desire to walk down independence
road,” she said.

The Friday trip began from Grand
Cayman to Cayman Brac to pick up the deputy premier and District Commissioner
Ernie Scott and then on to Little Cayman

There, dignitaries were then taken
for a drive through Little Cayman, which culminated in a shoeless walk along
Point of Sand Beach by the governor, his wife Marie-Beatrice, their son Max and
the deputy premier, who washed the governor’s feet following the trek.

Mrs. O’Connor-Connolly later
remarked that this was akin to the symbolism of Mary Magdalene washing Christ’s
feet in the Bible and explained that humility and service are the greatest of
gestures to mankind and one another.

From Point of Sand Beach, the
governor was whizzed to the Little Cayman Museum, which is owned and run by
Linton Tibbetts, who took the governor and guests on a tour.

After a short visit to the National
Trust and a stop at the home of senior citizen Mrs. Rillie, the delegation
re-boarded Cayman Airways and headed back to the Brac.

There, a new Mosquito Research and
Control Unit building on the bluff was officially opened.

The new building was named the
Floyd E. Banks Building. The building’s title was kept a secret until its
unveiling at the ribbon cutting ceremony in appreciation of 40 years of service
by Mr. Banks, who was on hand to witness the honour.

A blistering schedule followed
lunch, as the caravan of cars traced the police escort to the Doctor’s Residence
Rest Home and Hospital for a tour through the facilities. A slew of other visits
followed, including ones to the new Cayman Brac Police Station; the Heritage
House and Seaman’s building.

The day climaxed in a rally at the
Aston Rutty Centre where residents gathered to celebrate the governor and
premier’s visit.

Premier McKeeva Bush told the
governor that the Caymanian people were looking forward to working with the
British Government in a spirit of togetherness.

Mr. Taylor thanked all for his
welcome and said he had wanted to visit the Brac as soon as possible as he was
not just the governor of Grand Cayman.

 “I am overwhelmed by the welcome I have received
and look forward to a constructive and positive partnership,” said Mr. Taylor.

He said he was encouraged by the
show of unity with Britain and determined to the very best on behalf of the
Cayman Islands.


Deputy Premier Julianna O’Connor-Connolly washes the feet of Governor Duncan Taylor at Point of Sand Beach on Little Cayman Friday.
Stuart Wilson

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