Bostock is a champ supporter

Tomorrow sees the second week of
youth flag football.

In its second year the youth league
takes place until March at the Camana
Bay sports field.

Catering to kids aged seven to 17,
all of the action takes place from roughly 9am until 3pm.

Like last time, this year’s league
is being sponsored by The Security Centre and its sports-minded President Stuart

As Bostock states a big reason why
he supports youth flag football is because of Cayman’s affinity for the NFL.

“I think one of the things that set
The Security Centre apart from other companies is the fact that we have given
back to the community in many ways. 

“When given the opportunity to
sponsor a sports league focused on our youth, I had to take it.  I am an
avid American football fan, as are many residents here in Cayman, so I am
extremely happy to offer our kids a chance to play this sport. 

“The first season last year was a
tremendous success with over 140 kids in the program and I know the organizers
will look to improve the league even further this year.”

Youth flag football is quickly
gaining ground as the sport makes further inroads in Cayman.

The result of that progress has
been a national association, hundreds of residents participating and men’s and
women’s leagues in place that feature some of Cayman’s fittest athletes and
most devout NFL fans.

With the enthusiasm for pigskin
action already in place the need for a youth league, in Bostock’s eyes, is

“With Cayman’s close ties to the US we have many
supporters of American football. By giving our kids a chance to play flag football,
they will not only learn fundamentals of the game but also discipline, fitness
and the importance of being a team player. 

“This league was so successful last
year that it was extremely important to run it again and I thank the flag
football association, Kyle Broadhurst (youth league organizer) and his team of
volunteers for dedicating so much of their personal time for the youth of Cayman.”

The support of Bostock and his
company allows the league to be a low-cost option for parents. This year’s
league has a minimal CI $10 fee (mainly to cover the cost of renting the

In addition Bostock’s support
allows players to receive uniforms, mouth-guards and refreshments.

“I am committed to seeing youth
flag football as a regular fixture on the Cayman sporting scene and will
support the association’s efforts in this area in any way possible,” Bostock

“Our sponsorship of the youth
league ensures that kids can play without any cost to their families. Last year
went beyond just the financial commitment as we provided water bottles, towels
and sunscreen for all the kids.  We will probably do the same this year.”

Flag football is not the only sport
Bostock supports. Local cricket is one of the latest sports to benefit from
Bostock’s financial backing.

“We sponsor many local community
organizations and sporting activities,” Bostock said. “We even sponsored one
young local soccer player to go on a training camp in the UK a few years
ago.  We are now a sponsor for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service cricket
team. Our business relies heavily on the RCIPS so this is one way to show our
appreciation for police officers.

“The Security Centre employs some
200 staff, many of whom are from the Caribbean,
so we hope to have a cricket match against the Police team shortly.”

However Bostock’s love is football
and in particular the Green Bay Packers (who lost a heart-breaker of a game
last month in the NFC playoffs to the Arizona Cardinals). As he states his bond
to the Packers began as a child.

“My earliest memory of watching
football at a friend’s house was as a child seeing the Green Bay Packers play
in a snowstorm at Lambeau Field in Green
Bay, Wisconsin.

“I have been following them ever
since and look forward to watching a live game at Lambeau one day with my son
Dylan (who is a mad New England Patriots fan and plays youth hockey).

“As I could only watch football I
grew up playing rugby here. But I would have loved the opportunity to play
American football.  Being raised and schooled in Cayman would not provide
any chance of that so sponsoring the youth league is a way for me to provide
kids with a passion for football with an opportunity to play the game, an
opportunity I never had.”

Ultimately sponsoring
sports-related entities is something Bostock holds in high regard.

“Having competed internationally in
sport shooting and represented the Cayman Islands
at various events, I know first hand the value of competitive sports.  It
not only teaches teamwork, discipline and fair play but also humility. I
personally think that the more kids are involved in organized sport the better
adults they will grow to be.” 

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