Deputy Postmaster retires after 40 years

dedicated worker within the Cayman Islands Postal Service has given it his
stamp of approval after 40 years of service.

   Cayman Islands Deputy Postmaster General of
operations, Anthony Williams, officially retired from the service in December
of last year.

Williams joined the Cayman Island Postal Service at the lowest position and in later
years rose to the rank of Deputy Postmaster General Operations.

has seen a lot of different aspects of the postal service – in his 40 years. He
worked at inserting mail into mailboxes, fixing mailbox locks and making new
keys, he was also head cashier for the stamp counter, in charge of international
accounts, and Deputy Postmaster.

the highlights of his career, Mr. Williams explained that he was also
responsible for starting the first express mail service to the UN from Cayman.

also got the opportunity to  work with
men like Universal Postal Union consultant Robert Walker, who showed him the
different operations within a postal service.

worked very closely with him because I wanted to know all about the postal
service,” he explained. “When most of my friends were out enjoying themselves
after work, I took home the postal manuals and studied them.” This gave him the
opportunity to travel overseas to
attend many conferences and lectures.

service to the Cayman community was different in those days from what is done
today,” he said.

was there to see the post office move from manual operating where all the paperwork
was written up by hand and the delivery of mail carried out by private car and
school bus once a day – to being fully computerized, mail delivered twice a day,
a number of mail vans at our disposal and express mail delivered or picked up.”

Williams said he could still remember the late Benny Ross picking up the mail
in his car to take to the airport and the late Ornon Whittaker who drove the
school bus delivering mail to the Bodden Town Postmistress.

Williams was also there when the Cayman Islands Postal Service was inducted
into the Universal Postal Union Hall of Fame based in Switzerland. He
said the award was given based on
the delivery standards of express mail.

remembers when government got the first mail van around 1985 or 86. That was
when Mr. Noel Johnson was the Postmaster, he said.

that time it was only about 20 employees working at the post office,” he said. “We
handled a lot of mail and parcels coming in from overseas for residents at that

lot of National Geographic Magazines also came in during those times,” he said.

to describe his 40 years of service Mr. Williams said, “I enjoyed my work and interacted
with a lot of clients and made many friends and formed lasting relationships
with my coworkers over the years.”

said once a person puts their mind to the job they can get it done. “Working at
the Post office is not all about just putting a stamp on a letter and making
sure it reaches the right destination, but it involves a lot of other things
within the service that has to be worked at and sorted out.”

leaving for retirement, Mr. Williams received a plaque from the Cayman Islands
Postal Service in honour and recognition of his 40 years of service and dedication
to the development of the postal service.

for his future endeavors Mr. Williams said he plans to look for another little
job but nothing that commands all of his time. “I just wanted the Cayman Island
Post Office to be one of the best in the Caribbean
and I think I fulfilled that goal.”


Deputy Postmaster General Operations Anthony Williams with his award for dedicated service to the Cayman Islands Postal Service.
Jewel Levy

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