Appleby supports turtles

Buckshot, Florence, Honey, Old
Yellow and Submarine, who together weigh in at 2,274 pounds and total 175 years
of age are the five breeder turtles Appleby is sponsoring for the 2010 calendar

The sponsorship will assist
Boatswain Beach and the Cayman Turtle Farm in their role as a resource for
marine conservation, research and education and allow Appleby to do its part in
raising awareness of the plight of marine turtles and their habitats.

 “The community’s involvement in the conservation
of sea turtles is a very important part of our work at Cayman Turtle Farm,” said
Cayman Turtle Farm Curator of Terrestrial Exhibits and Education Programs Geddes

“We are grateful that Appleby saw
the value in sponsoring five breeder turtles and we hope that other businesses
and individuals within the community will follow the example this firm has set.”

Appleby Cayman Managing Partner Huw
Moses noted Appleby is conscious of the needs of the Cayman Islands community
and environment.

“The sea turtle is a significant
part of the history of these islands and it is important that initiatives such
as the breeder turtle sponsorship program are sufficiently supported,” he said.

“Appleby is pleased to make this
valuable contribution to the Cayman Turtle Farm and the Cayman Islands.”


Marzeta Bodden of the Appleby Marketing Department and Geddes Hislop of the Cayman Turtle Farm.
Photo: Submitted

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