Lobster season closes

Department of Environment advises the season for lobsters begins  Monday, 1 March, and runs through 30

No one may
take lobster from Cayman waters , or purchase, receive or possess lobsters
taken from Cayman waters, during these months. Violation of this and any of the
Marine Coservation Laws is an offence carrying
a maxiumum penalty of CI$500,000 fine and one year in jail. Upon conviction,
forfeiture of the vessel or other equipment may also be ordered. Persons may
contact the DoE at 916 4271 (Grand Cayman), 926 0136 (Cayman Brac), or 926 2342
(Little Cayman) or call 911 to report
violations of any marine conservation legislation. For more information please
visit us on the web at www.doe.ky

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