Washing machine burglars arrested

Arrests made in Brac burglary case.

As a result of
a police operation on Cayman Brac Wednesday, the washing machine and drier
which had allegedly been stolen during a burglary in February were recovered
from a house in the Alta Vista area.

A 33-year-old
man and a 31-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of burglary. They have
been released on police bail and enquiries are ongoing.

“We are
pleased that we have traced the stolen property and have arrested two people in
relation to the incident,” Royal Cayman Islands Police Chief Inspector Malcolm
Kay said.

“However, I
would urge home and business owners to remain vigilant and not to be complacent
when it comes to securing their property. Always make sure that your doors and
windows are secure and that valuables are kept out of sight.

“In addition”,
said Mr. Kay, “if anyone is offered items for sale in
unusual circumstances or a prices that’s just too good to be true – then it is
probably is too good to be true and it may be that the property is stolen.”

Meanwhile, police are also
investigating a burglary at the Watering Place Post Office on Cayman Brac last
weekend in which a filing cabinet containing a small amount of cash, stamps and
cell phone top up cards was stolen.