Jobs expo opens doors

The 2010 Careers, Education,
Training & Jobs Expo kicked off on Friday morning at the Family Life

Today and tomorrow businesses
ranging from banks to hotels, educational institutions including UCCI and ICCI
along with several government departments are on hand to meet with job and
career seekers looking to learn more about what’s available in the job market.

On Friday, soon after the doors
opened, students from Cayman Academy were browsing the booths.

Taking in what was on offer were
Akinita Thomas, who is interested in becoming an artist, and Danesha Clarke,
who wants to work as a daycare teacher. The Year 10 students said they thought
they’d like to go to college before entering the workforce.

Opening the Expo, Chamber President
Stuart Bostock and Employment Minister Rolston Anglin discussed the new
National Employment Passport Scheme intended to streamline education, training
and work opportunities for young people in Cayman.

Mr Anglin remarked that despite
tough economic times, the Expo provides a good opportunity for young peple and
those already in the workforce to get a feel for the types of jobs available
and the kinds of qualifications employers are seeking.

Today, the Expo is open to students only from 10:00am
to 4:00pm, and is open to the general public tomorrow again from 10:00am to

Job Fair

Students peruse the news at the Cayman Free Press table Friday during the jobs expo
Photo: Brent Fuller