Work permit appeal

The Department of Immigration is
appealing to employers to assist it in smoothing out the work permit process.

The department has highlighted a
number of problem areas that are contributing to backlogs and even refusals.

“Incomplete applications cause
significant additional work for our processing clerks to do follow ups, and
ultimately lead to backlogs in the permit process,” said Chief Immigration
Officer Linda Evans.

“There is also a strong possibility
that the Immigration Board may refuse applications, which provide inadequate

▪ Application guidelines are as

 Applications must be complete, and accompanied
by all required support documents.

Certification proof must be
submitted with applications for employees in the medical, legal, educational,
plumbing, electrical and security services fields (or other professions, which,
by law, require licensing).

A press release states renewal
applications submitted outside of the normal timeframe for processing will not
be rushed as this would be unfair to applications that were submitted on time.

Renewal applications submitted
after the allocated time will result in employees being unable to continue
working and they may also be required to leave the Islands until decisions are

Ms Evans also noted the
advertisement process for work permit applications is another cause for

If applying for long term permits,
employers are legally obliged to advertise vacancies in at least two issues of
a local newspaper for two consecutive weeks – unless they have been exempted
from doing so by the Governor-in-Cabinet or by the Immigration Board.

Copies of the advertisements must
accompany work permit applications and employers must provide details of all
responses to those advertisements.

The qualifications of all
responders must be included, together with the reasons why Caymanians or legal
residents were not selected.

Every advertisement must contain
the following information:

▪ a full and accurate job
description for the vacancy;

▪ a salary range and all other
benefits attached to the advertised post;

▪ a full and accurate description
of the qualifications the prospective employer considers necessary to do the
job – and the rationale for requiring such qualifications.

The department is also reminding
employers in the financial services sector of new directives issued by Cabinet which
allow the Work Permit Board or the CIO to issue three-year permits for all
workers who are not listed in a business staffing plan. 

The directives encourage the grant
of three- to five-year work permits for domestic helpers, doctors, nurses,
teachers and ministers of religion. They also encourage the Business Staffing
Plan Board and the CIO to issue three- to five-year work permits for workers in
a Business Staffing Plan Certificate.

Unless specifically requested on
application forms, the boards or the chief Immigration officer are not
authorised to independently issue permits for extended periods.


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