Woman attacked in home

Royal Cayman Islands Police are investigating an attack that left a woman with serious injuries Sunday night in George Town. 

Officers said the woman’s throat was slashed just after 8pm Sunday at her George Town home. She was hospitalised in serious condition Sunday.

Police have arrested a 26-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder and he remains in custody. 


  1. Yes this is a shame. Hopefully she will be OK. I almost lost faith in Grand Cayman after reading all the news of recent violence. But my Wife and I spent last week there finalizing a land purchase in Old Man Bay and we had a wonderfull time on the island as always. We did notice a stronger presence of Police since our last visit which shows they are taking this seriously and doing what it takes to get ahead of this. There was not a moment that we felt unsafe and we were all over the island from the East End to West Bay. When judging the Cayman Islands, you have to realize that what’s gone on there in that last year is actually less than what’s happened here in New Jersey in the last month, try reading one of our news papers and you’ll se what I mean. In comparison Grand Cayman is still one the safest places to visit. I have complete faith in this and would recommend visiting Cayman to anyone looking to get a taste of paradise.

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