John A Cumber classrooms expanded

One of Grand Cayman’s largest
primary schools is getting its classrooms expanded.

A group of San Diego volunteers
from the Do Something Cayman Campaign has been expanding 12 classrooms by
adding 3,500 square feet of space at the West Bay John A. Cumber Primary

When the volunteers have completed
their part of the initiative, which a Miles Ahead release states will save the
government up to US$1.2 million, the Public Works Department will complete the
second phase in June.

“It could not have come at a better
time during the slow economy,” said Education Minister Rolston Anglin, touring
the school with Miles McPherson of the Do Something Cayman Campaign on

Joseph Wallace, principal at John
A. Cumber, said there are 514 students attending the school with about 22
students per class but by September that number could increase.

 “Anything that we could have done to alleviate
the pressure here was the highest priority for government,” said the Mr. Anglin.

Mr. McPherson asked Mr. Anglin if
he was anticipating more children coming in from the private schools.

“There is a significant flow of
students that are now entering the public schools from the private schools in
Cayman, which is also happening globally,” he said.

Principal Wallace said he expects
to have an influx of students from the private schools to his school because
parents can no longer afford to send their children to private schools.

“Cayman is not unique. We have had
economic problems just like everywhere else,” he said. “At some point the
school realised that government could not finance this kind of reconstruction
simply because it could not be afforded.”

“If all things go well we should be
ready for September in the event that there is an increase in student
population,” Mr. Wallace said. “We should be able to handle it without too much
fuss, which up until this point we did not anticipate doing.”