Hot girls in bikinis wanted!

Cayman is attempting to
break the world record for the most women wearing bikinis in the same place and
all indications are that they will smash the existing record.

Organiser Avril Brophy said;
“On Thursday June 17 at 5.45pm at Tiki Beach Bar, Seven Mile Beach we will
attempt to create a new Guinness world record for the world’s largest bikini
parade. The largest bikini parade was achieved by 287 participants in an event
organised by Kellogg’s Special K in Johannesburg, South Africa last November.”

The organisation attempting
to achieve the record is the Cayman Islands Amateur Swimming Association. In
keeping with the current Guinness world record guidelines, their attempt will
be measured by the number of volunteers who participate with the intention of
blasting it and setting a new one with the world-famous Cayman Islands Seven
Mile Beach as the venue. They hope to get at least 1,000.

The swimming association
hopes to unite the entire community to participate for the world record to
raise funds and awareness for the organisation. Entry is $15 and men can
contribute by buying the special edition bikini t-shirts, also for $15.

For more information call
326-7817, email [email protected] or sign up at