WestStar TV helps residents prepare for hurricane season

WestStar TV is ready for hurricane
season and wants to make sure residents know what to do if a storm is
approaching. A few simple steps can ensure family members are safe and speed up
restoring service after a storm.

If power is lost, unplug set top
boxes and move them to a safe, dry location.

Do not attempt to remove towers or
antennas. If you are concerned about the safety of your tower, please call
Customer Care at 745-5555 before a storm watch is declared to ensure a
technician can assess the situation.

Tune in to Cayman 27, during the
watch and warning stages for regular updates on the storm’s progress, news from
the NHC, and shelter information, as well as Island 24, which will broadcast
The Weather Channel 24 hours a day.

After the all clear is given plug
your set top boxes back in and report any faults to Customer Care at 745-5555.
Do not attempt to make any repairs yourself.

WestStar TV has incorporated
lessons from previous storms in upgrading of infrastructure and facilities. The
Head End and all critical equipment are housed in category 5 hurricane rated
building. WestStar’s disaster plan includes ordering extra stock to prepare for
any losses during a storm.

The cable provider is committed to
providing the best service possible and recognizes the important role a
communications organisation plays during an emergency.

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