Mayfest fair brings back memories

days were much the focus at the Bodden Town Heritage Committee May Fest Fair
last Saturday.

on the grounds of the Josie Solomon Seniors’ Home, the day was filled with
old-time activities and traditions that brought back sweet memories of
yesteryear for the throng of visitors.

included old-time games such as soldier crab racing; a pick and pay sale, a
baby show, a fashion show, an auction, and handicrafts. Visitors were tempted
by a generous tempting line-up of local dishes, heavy cakes and drinks.

event was definitely for all ages and Health Minister Mark Scotland proved that
point. He could not contain himself from recalling his childhood days and
joined the fun of solider crab racing.

excited was his demeanour in selecting his soldier crab, he pointed gleefully
when his chosen winner crossed the finish line way ahead of the others. This
excited the crowd nearby as they shouted UDP wins again.

Governor Duncan Taylor enjoyed the day of activities, as he visited each
display along with House Speaker Mary Lawrence.

attending the event, as well as organising seniors, said that the fair was a
wonderful occasion that featured local artists Quincy Brown, Consuelo Ebanks,
Twyla Vargas, Rita Estevanovich and many more.

event was free; however the sale of raffle tickets, food and drinks will allow
the organisers to use the proceeds to buy a quilting machine to assist the
seniors’ home residents.

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