Robbers get busy again

Five armed heists in five days

Three armed suspects held
up the Burger King restaurant on North Church Street Monday night, making it the
fifth armed robbery to occur on Grand Cayman
since last Thursday.

In this latest incident,
a person inside the business was hurt.

Police said the suspects
entered the business around 10pm Monday. No customers were inside, but police
said a store employee was injured by an apparent blow to the head.

No arrests were
immediately reported.

Less than 24 hours
earlier, two armed suspects – a male and a female – held up the Esso Tiger Mart
on West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach around 1.20am Monday. No one was hurt, and
suspects got away with some cash.

On Friday evening, two
masked men wielding machetes entered Tortuga Discount Liquors in Pasadora Place and
threatened staff before they also got away with money and some other items.

On Thursday night the Red
Bay Esso was held up by two armed males; that heist was preceded just seven
hours earlier by what was believed to be a group of three teenage girls who
robbed the Domino’s Pizza around 2pm. The teens were said to be carrying

No one was hurt in the
Friday or Thursday robberies.

Police could not
immediately state whether any of the five robberies was related.



  1. Unbelievable that on such a small island these burglars can’t be caught! What are the police doing other than giving out traffic tickets?
    If we look at the other islands, its only a matter of time before these crimes get bigger and worst including murders.

  2. No less than 5 robberies in the past week! I have been a victim of burglary on the island the past year and know exactly how this would make the residents and tourists feel unsafe.
    The police are seriously under-resourced; they already have enough shootings & stabbings on their hands. The Police department needs more officers who should get busy as soon as possible.
    There is an imperative and pressing need to install CCTVs on not only traffic lights but also shops, restaurants, gas stations and other public places as is done all over the US & UK. This would surely help police identify the criminals and also deter those criminal elements from such brazen attempts.

  3. I hate to burst the "obvious" bubble.

    But let me be the pin.

    If i am a armed burgular. What am I really worried about on this island. I will tell you, Absolutely NOTHING.

    To change thier mind set. Put firearms in Cayman officers hands, with a right to shoot to kill. Anyone want to bet these armed robbers won’t be too happy?!

    Shoot them dead when they rob while armed. And you solve two problems, the robbers and wasting time and money in court cases.
    Then afterwards, all you have is unarmed robbers. And then the citizens of cayman can take care of those. With no danger to the citizens. Not many robbers now a days are robbing anything unarmed. That would mean, arming the police would mean less crime. Now dont it?

    See, super simple solution. Problem is. No one thinks the police should have guns. Odd. In almost every other nation, police have guns. If you do not arm your police officers, this is what you get. The ol "reap what you sow" in action.

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