Five armed heists in five days

armed suspects held up the Burger King restaurant on North Church Street Monday
night, making it the fifth armed robbery to occur on Grand Cayman since last

this latest incident, a person inside the restaurant was hurt.

said the suspects entered the business around 10pm Monday. No customers were
inside, but police said a store employee was injured by an apparent blow to the

was treated and released from hospital. No arrests were immediately reported.

than 24 hours earlier, two armed suspects – a male and a female – held up the
Esso Tiger Mart on West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach around 1.20am Monday. No one
was hurt, and suspects got away with some cash.

Friday evening, two masked men wielding machetes entered Tortuga Discount
Liquors in Pasadora Place and threatened staff before they also got away with
money and some other items.

Thursday night the Red Bay Esso was held up by two armed males; that heist was
preceded just seven hours earlier by what was believed to be a group of three
teenage girls who robbed the Domino’s Pizza around 2pm. The teens were said to
be carrying machetes.

one was hurt in the Friday or Thursday robberies.

could not immediately state whether any of the five robberies was related.

looking into possible similarities, but its early stages right now,” Royal
Cayman Islands Police Superintendent Marlon Bodden said during an interview

Bodden said there was no apparent reason for why business robberies had
increased again.

hard to say, but we have repeatedly advised that awareness is the key,” he
said. “They have to review their security plans and make employees aware of
those plans.”

said a few of the recent heists were unusual because female suspects appeared
to have been involved.

that always captures people’s attention,” Mr. Bodden said. “But we don’t put
the focus on the uniqueness of the robbery. We don’t want any of these crimes
to occur.”


  1. We are timeshare owners on Grand Cayman and one of the reasons we chose this beautiful island was the virtual lack of crime. We are very disturbed by the increase in crime including murder and armed robberies. The government needs to get a handle on this or else tourism is going to suffer further. I’m sure the economy has already had an effect on the tourism industry and this increase in crime is certainly going to impact that further. Do something now before it is way too late!!! I am from the Detroit area so I know what I am speaking of!!!

  2. I don’t know what the Commissioner of Police is doing! We have over 300 police officers and he can’t manage the force to at least put out the experience, local-knowledge Caymanian officers on the front lines to at least tackle these criminals??? All we hearing from him is government must provide him with more UK officers and more equipment. Please… enough is enough! If you can’t do your job with what you have – I am calling for your resignation. And you all can give me all the thumbs-down you want – I don’t care. The Police service is not being properly managed

  3. I moved here three years ago, and am sick to death of what’s happening.

    I’m moving home in two weeks.

    And I can’t wait.

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