Shots fired at police after robbery

Two robberies overnight in Cayman

A massive police presence was seen in the Bodden Town area Friday night following a convenience store robbery and an incident where Royal Cayman Islands Police officers were apparently shot at. 

According to witnesses, three or four suspects entered Mostyn’s Esso station in Bodden Town around 9pm Friday night and robbed the store.

Police said one of the suspects had a shotgun. They also later confirmed there were three suspects.

A police car in the area was alerted to the incident and followed the suspects’ vehicle after they left the station. A pursuit ensued.

Police said the suspects bailed out of the vehicle on Northward Road, where one turned and alleged fired shots at the pursuing police officers. The bullets hit no-one, but the suspects managed to get away.

RCIPS later tracked two of the suspects – both young men, possibly teenagers – to the Beach Bay area where they were arrested.

According to a witness, one of the young men had a wad of cash lying on the ground next to him as he sat, handcuffed, on the ground.

“Thankfully none of our officers, or any members of the public, were injured in this incident,” RCIPS Superintendent Adrian Seales said. “The consequences could have been so much worse.”

Friday night’s heist was the fourth gas station robbery, the seventh business robbery overall, to occur on Grand Cayman since 3 June. There have also been two robberies involving individuals – one a purse snatching on Friday afternoon; another a carjacking outside a George Town restaurant Thursday night. 

Man robbed 

Just a few hours later, just after 1am, police said a man was robbed of his wallet and cell
phone while walking to his home.

Police said the victim was walking in the area of Fidelity Bank near the
galleria roundaboutwhen he was
attacked by two males armed with knives. The victim suffered minor cuts and
bruises as he struggled with his assailants who made off with his property and
a small amount of cash.

No arrests were immediately reported.



  1. Tried to KILL cops after robbing a gas station?

    Try that in Toronto.

    You’d both be dead right now.

    Lock these pieces of garbage up and throw the key in the ocean.

  2. Anyone that bears arms against another human being while committing a crime, has forfeited their right to be treated like a human being. PERIOD.

    Start shooting them dead. And really quickly, they are going to figure out this isn’t a game.

    Or lets coddle them and these armed robberies can continue. They are not going to magically stop. Deadly force stops force. There isn’t any other way about it, for a solution. And the people that are doing these armed robberies have no one to blame but themselves.

  3. So bold to shoot after Police Officers – must have done this before elsewhere! Where these suspects Caymanian? And if not, why isn’t Government beefing up Immigration Law Enforcement???

    All we hear is about bringing more UK officers here with luxurious salaries and benefits. Over 300 Police officers, I am sure that is not the solution when the Department of Immigration has only less than 10 Enforcement officers to check the backgrounds on foreignors that come here

  4. No amount of cash is worth a human life; criminal, merchant or police. That young clerk at Moston’s Esso may be mentally scared by this criminal act, but I believe she would not suggest that these criminals be shot dead..In keeping with the increase vigilance of the police suspects has been arrested and will be processed through the courts humanely.. If the police in Toronto summarily execute suspects, too bad for Canada. Although I don’t believe they do..

  5. I am glad that police are doing something to catch the theifs. It would be nice if more people who saw or had something to do would help out to stop all of the foolishness happening to the country.

    We are three islands and should all live in peace and love.

    I don’t believe that someone should solve "violence" with "violence" .. like what the previous people are saying about Toronto. I guess this is just my opinion.

  6. ….."If the police in Toronto summarily execute suspects, too bad for Canada….."

    A) These punks weren’t SUSPECTS, lol, they were shooting at the POLICE. "Innocent until proven guilty" doesn’t apply when some idiot is shooting at you.

    B) I believe ANYONE who points a gun at a cop and pulls the trigger DESERVES to be shot. Dead. On the spot. Let him rot. End of story.

    C) The police in Toronto don’t EXECUTE suspects Einstein. They defend themselves. By carrying guns.

    Again, if this had happened in a big city, chances are, these criminals would be dead. And you know what? 99% of the city would be relieved.

  7. ***No amount of cash is worth a human life; criminal, merchant or police***


    I had pizza for dinner.

    As far as I’m concerned, one SLICE of that yummy pizza, was worth more that Hitler’s, Jeffery Dahmer’s, Joran Van Der Sloot’s AND 20 cop killer’s lives combined.

    After seeing how many good people of Grand Cayman have agreed with my former post, compared to how many disagree with yours, it seems sir, that you are part of a VERY small majority of ignorant people. I’m also guessing, you have more than likely never HAD a loved one shot by a piece of filth with a gun.

    I have.

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