Adopt BT Primary School

The Bodden Town Primary School
Parent Teachers Association is looking for individuals or business to adopt
classes to help with resources.

Instead of the traditional way of
fundraising such as fish fries and car washes, the parents have turned to a
more consistent form of collecting revenue and raising community awareness in
the programmes that are going on at the school.

The parents, along with teachers,
have adopted a concept that has proven successful for many schools worldwide
said Parent Teachers Association President Dale Davis at the launch of the
Adopt-A-Class programme this past Monday.

“The Adopt-A-Class programme
concept is not a new thing; it has been used successfully used by other schools
worldwide to assist with funding for classroom initiatives,” he said.

With a donation of $250 or more per
year, donors can choose the programme of their choice to support. Mr. Davis
said he understands there is a recession worldwide, but donors can contribute
less or more.

Adopt-A Class programmes partner
with the community to purchase resources for the classrooms, which can provide
consistent support in learning and teaching aids and materials for teachers and
students. Mr. Davis said every teacher needs help covering out-of-pocket
classroom expenses for items such as field trips, assessment materials and
after school programmes.

 “By adopting a class, donors form partnerships
with the school in providing financial support. The result is a meaningful
contribution to education and to donors a reward that is just more than a
plaque but something the students have created. It also teaches the children
the value of working for what they want,” he said.

“It is just like the merit
programme now in existence at the school, which was implemented based on
behaviour modifications, and rewards students with books or gift certificates,”
he added.

“Bodden Town Primary School never
did a lot of fundraising in the past because the biggest setback was getting
support from parents, this is a big issue in all government primary schools,”
he said. “When it comes to parents support it is like pulling teeth, which is
why we had to come up with a different fundraising strategy.”

Anyone interested in participating
in the programme can contact Mr. Davis at 916-5495.

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