New Pines building going up

More money needed to complete project

has begun on the expansion and restoration of the Pines Retirement Home.

completed, the Pines will be able to accommodate 50 residents in a total of
approximately 40,000 square feet.

staff, government officials and guests broke ground on the first phase of the
project on 11 June during a ceremony to report progress on construction.

Reddyhough, Pines board chairman, said so far $3 million has been raised to
complete the first phase of the new building, which builders hope to complete
by October. Another $3.5 million is still needed to complete the second phase.
Mr. Reddyhough appealed to the community and to government Julian Reddyhough to
give their full support to the cause.

all need to dig a little deeper for this project to come to fruition,” said Education
Minister Rolston Anglin, noting that many elders had given of their time to
assist the community and government, and thus it is only fitting and the
community’s duty to make ensure that “these precious and venerable citizens of
our society be well taken care of and not left to fend for themselves.”

Adams, minister of Community Affairs and Housing, agreed, saying government
played a critical role in making sure that the elderly live out a quiet and
comfortable life, and that government pledge its support for the continuation
of the project.

Pines project includes construction of the shell of a three-storey, nearly
20,000-square-foot building; development of both floors of the proposed
building and renovation of the existing building.

multi-phased approach will allow residents to remain in the existing building
while construction takes place. It will be built to withstand hurricanes and
flooding and will include a back-up generator.

accommodations on the second floor will provide residents and families the
option of selecting a private room, a shared room or  ward-style accommodations, depending on their

floor will provide access to a veranda or garden and will have a nursing
station, a Parker bath with hoist, a treatment room and storage space. There
will be additional storage space in the attic. The new building will also house
administration offices.

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