Teenagers arrested in pizza robbery

have arrested four teenagers on suspicion of robbery in connection with a
Domino’s Pizza hold-up earlier this month.

male and three female teens, all aged 17, were arrested following a series of
police operations in the Prospect area Sunday and Monday.

three girls are accused of entering the Savannah pizza restaurant on Thursday,
3 June, and threatening staff with machetes before fleeing with cash and
bottles of soda.

one was injured in the robbery.

said the investigation was continuing.


  1. why not give these teenagers road work like cleaning up in front of and blocks from the place where the crime occured? this could be monitered by the police dept for a total of 8 weeks.

  2. 200 hrs work for free?

    That would work out to just over a month of work, @ 8 hours a day.

    These "kids" are old enough to HOLD UP a store using WEAPONS?

    They are old enough to do adult time.

    They need 5-10 years in prison.

    And maybe the next time a "kid" considers threatening a store owner with a MACHETE, the little punks will think twice.

    I am SO sick to death of these lazy, disrespectful idiots.

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