Woman dies at sea swim

A 50-year-old woman died after taking part in the Flower’s Sea Swim this past

woman, an experienced swimmer and a Canadian visitor to Grand Cayman, had taken
unwell during the event on Saturday afternoon.

said she was helped to shore by event staff and was assisted at the first aid

was subsequently taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital in George Town where she
was pronounced dead on arrival.

is anticipated that a post-mortem examination for the woman will take place
later this week.


Editor’s note: Police initially reported the victim’s age as 30. She is actually 50.




  1. Maybe now they will ease up a bit on the rules. I find its ridiculous that you cannot simply walk through the water even some of the time! Come on now! The people that are going to walk clearly aren’t concerned about winning, nor would they win anyhow, so what’s the big deal!? Why can’t they register and participate to the best of their ability, and if that means some walking in the water, so be it! That’s why I have never gone back to do the swim myself… too strict.

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