Ritz makes great host

This year’s Flowers Sea Swim saw a
number of changes. One of them was to the course.

The one-mile length of the open
water swim stayed the same however the starting and finish points shifted. The
roughly 770 swimmers in attendance gathered at Tiki Beach and set off across
Seven Mile Beach. All would end up on the beaches at the Ritz-Carlton. That
differs from last year where the race started at Royal Palms and ended at
Public Beach.

With most of the competitors
pleased to end up at the island’s most posh resort, the sentiments are there
for more sea swims to end up
at the Ritz.

At Saturday’s awards ceremony,
organisers spoke highly about the partnership with the resort. Representatives
from the Ritz were equally content. Organiser Dara Flowers-Burke stated the
race’s finish at the Ritz was one of many positives from this year’s Flowers
Sea Swim.

“This was one of our most
well-organised races and it was tightly run from start to finish,”
Flowers-Burke said. “The calibre of athletes was good, two course records were
broken and getting over 770 swimmers was a great success. The swim is such a
positive event for local tourism and sports in so many ways. We’re looking forward
to it growing from strength to strength as both a fun, clean event and a nice
family outing.”

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