Barnes: Brazil must spank Portugal

Digicel’s man on the ground in South Africa
shares his thoughts on this week’s games.

On Monday, three matches took place
as Spain beat Honduras 2-0, Chile
beat Switzerland 1-0 and Portugal crushed the People’s Republic of Korea 7-0.

Everything went well for the
Portuguese team. The score was very unusual for this World Cup, as many teams
have been set up with a defensive focus. Even when teams have created numerous
chances, like Spain in their
match against Honduras,
they have failed to take advantage. In this group, Brazil
will need to beat Portugal
in their match on Friday 25 June to give the Ivory Coast a chance of going
through. However Portugal’s
high number of goals from is likely to stand for them and make sure they go
through to the next stage. In fact, a draw would suit both Brazil and Portugal so we could end up with a
very dull encounter.

On Tuesday, we saw two African
teams go out which was very disappointing. Nigeria’s
game, which resulted in a 2-2 draw against South Korea, was not enough to put
them through. It was an unusual group because all Nigeria, ranked 21st in the world,
needed to do was win 1-0 to go through to the final sixteen.

Host nation South Africa also went out despite their 2-1 win
over France.
I’m happy for South Africa
to have won nonetheless, leaving France bottom of the group and on
their way home after a very disappointing World Cup.

Whereas the African teams haev
struggled the South Americans have prospered. The likes of Argentina and Uruguay have once again proven to
be the superior sides when compared with European teams. Once we get down to
the last 16, anything can happen and that’s when it gets exciting.

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