Letters to the Editor: Coe Wood monument mystery

We ask, what is the monument that
is being placed on the Coe Wood Beach in Bodden Town for?

Hopefully it is the long overdue
one for the good seamen of the first capital of Bodden Town who after all, put
Cayman on the map. Oh yes, I do hope that it is for them and not some other
foolish reason.

I, for one, was never contacted
about such an important thing going on in my home town. As a citizen of Bodden
Town I received no petition or was invited to any meeting to talk or to hear
about this monument on Coe Wood Beach.

Now people of Bodden Town, were you
told about it and know what it is for? The last thing that was supposed to
better our town was a good tourist bus for Coe Wood Beach put together by
petition by the people of Bodden Town who want to make money on Coe Wood Beach
by bringing tourists there and selling goods.

Mr. Charles Clifford and I, as
chairman of the Go East Committee for Bodden Town, helped with buying the two
parcels of land east and west of Coe Wood Beach and did so for the people of
Bodden Town to have a long overdue proper use of Coe Wood Beach and boat ramp.
Nowhere in these plans that the people of Bodden Town approved was there a plan
of a monument.

Where is our boat ramp?

Where is the tourist bus that was
supposed to bring well needed funds to our town?

I call upon the present leaders
elected to answer this letter; not only to me, but to all the people of Bodden

What is the monument on Coe Wood
Beach for?

Emile S. Levy