Dengue fever grips Caribbean

fever outbreaks have reached crisis proportions in several countries across the
Caribbean, leaving dozens of people dead.

The increase in cases is being
blamed on warm weather and unusually early rainy seasons, which have led to an
explosion in mosquitoes, health officials across the region have reported.

Health officials in the affected
countries are reporting that the flood of cases is putting a strain on a number
of hospitals where cases are treated. At least 27 deaths have been reported in
the Dominican Republic.

Hundreds of health workers and
soldiers are going door to door warning locals about the virus and destroying
mosquito-breeding areas. There are reports that hospitals in Trinidad are
running out of bed space and Puerto Rico is facing what officials say could be
the worst dengue outbreak in more than a decade.

At least five people have died in
Puerto Rico and another 6,300 cases suspected.

Officials at the San Fernando
General Hospital in Trinidad added 15 beds to the hospital wards to accommodate
the influx of cases. A dengue clinic was also opened to follow up on patients
discharged quickly to free up more beds. At least one death has been reported
in that country.

  Ministry of Health officials in Jamaica say
they are carefully monitoring the situation and there is currently no cause for