Frog causes power outage

A frog caused a 90-minute Island-wide power outage in the small hours
of Thursday morning, the Caribbean Utilities Company has

The power to
homes and businesses across George Town, West Bay, Seven Mile Beach and up to
Frank Sound and the Queen’s Highway in East End was cut for an hour and a half
between 2:10am and 3:48am, CUC spokesperson Pat Bynoe-Clarke said.

“This outage was
the result of an animal making contact with one of our lines causing some of the
feeders to trip. As always our teams worked hard to restore the power as quickly
as possible and in a safe and efficient manner,” she said.

She said the
animal in question was a frog.

13,450 customers were affected by the power cut. 

The outage
follows an earlier power cut that lasted several hours early Saturday morning,
but CUC said the two incidents were isolated and caused “no long-term or
permanent impact on the integrity of its electrical

The Saturday morning power outage was blamed on multiple lightning strikes to the CUC generation system.

“CUC apologises
for the inconvenience this outage may have caused,” Ms Bynoe-Clarke



  1. How ironic.

    I feel more sorry for the frog, than the man who was shot trying to break into a house.

    Rest in pieces, Kermit.

  2. These frogs should all be quickly rounded up and sent off the island. They use up valuable resources and do nothing positive for the local economy or tourism product. I don’t believe that they were originally from Cayman, either, but arrived illegally via canoe from another island. Dont’ be fooled into thinking that this was an accident, either. These frogs live in gangs concentrated in certain areas of Cayman, and they rarely participate in any activities with the other local animals. In short, they are a nuisance and should be dealt with accordingly.

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