Homeowner pistol-whipped by burglars

Royal Cayman Islands Police said a man and his wife were terrorised by three burglary suspects during a home invasion early Thursday morning.

The incident occurred about half-an-hour after another burglar was shot to death by an elderly home-owner on Liguinea Circle near UCCI.

According to police reports, about 2.40 a.m.Thursday, a man and his wife were within their home in Cypros Road, GT when they were awoken by three intruders.

Police said one of the men had a handgun and struck the homeowner in the head with the weapon, demanding money.

The suspects, all wearing black clothing, made off from the house with about $3,000, according to information obtained by the Caymanian Compass.

The victim sustained slight injuries as a result of the incident.

No arrests were immediately reported.


  1. Well – it seems every burglar has access to a gun already – a now standard implement of the trade? I am not someone who believes that killing anyone is acceptable, nor do I own a gun and probably never will – but faced with three burglars in your home at night with your family there to protect – I would do anything to ensure their safety. But it seems that homeowners are at the mercy of armed bandits. Presumably it is better to do as they request and hope that they leave not harming anyone then to excalate matters. Sadly.

  2. I don’t want to advocate violence either, but it seems to me that criminals are far less likely to break into a home if they know that the person is armed. How about requiring, or at least ALLOWING, all homeowners to have a small caliber pistol? No hand cannons, just something decent for home defense. Wolves prey on sheep, not other predators. Take the power out of the hands of the criminals, and put it back into the hands of the law-abiding citizens. Current law punishes only those who obey it, and empowers those who break it.

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