Appleby kicked in funds

As the Purple Dragon School of
Martial Arts prepared to compete, Appleby donated funds to assist the team in
attending the World Karate Championship in Trinidad this year. The annual
competition which boasted more than 1,000 competitors brought together a host
of different countries to compete including the Cayman Islands, Trinidad,
Jamaica, Dominica, Canada, USA, Venezuela and Antigua.

The Cayman Islands Purple Dragon
team showed dedication and discipline and successfully brought home 25 medals
including nine gold medals, seven silver and nine bronze.

Simon Raftopoulos, Partner-Appleby
said: “Appleby is pleased with the Purple Dragon School of Martial Arts for an
outstanding performance at the World Karate Championship; they have made us and
the country proud. We are delighted to have been able to assist the team to
make it to the championships.”