Cayman Airways celebrates 42 years

Cayman Airways celebrated four
decades of serving the Cayman Island on Friday at its airport offices, singling
out the past year as an exceptional one.

“This past year was possibly the
most significant year in the history of Cayman Airways,” said Acting CEO Fabian
Whorms. “It is a year in which we managed to break out of a pattern that was
threatening the survival of the airline, a year in which we managed to get the
cost under control by reducing expenditure of some US$12 million, and a year in
which we have obtained government’s full support in addressing the servicing of
a historical debt, which was crippling the cash flow increasing operating cost
and driving the airline into further debt.”

Mr. Whorms added, “It was also a
year when the staff put Cayman Airways and the Cayman Islands before themselves
by making every sacrifice necessary to weather the storm and turn around the
ship for a common cause, the survival of the airline.”

Today at 42, he said, the staff was
proud to celebrate the airline’s service to the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Whorms also said that on-time
performance and customer service levels have improved significantly over the
past year, and customer complaints have been replaced by commendations.

“We have yet another year of
complete and total safety in our operations. Not many airlines have been around
for 42 years, and our safety record over those years sits among an elite few in
the industry,” he said, thanking employees and those who had assisted in making
it possible.

Education Minister Rolston Anglin
said for a small airline that has weathered many storms and still managed to
survive the challenges, it “can and is probably showing its national colours.”

He said in 1968 when CAL was born,
many of us would not have envisioned the progress that would have been made
over the years.

“Cayman’s future ultimately calls
for brighter skies, even if we are experiencing a bit of turbulence right now.
With big plans and a renewed push to re-energise our tourism and financial
service sectors, and with efforts to forge new ventures such as in medical
tourism, CAL will continue to play a significant role in our future
development,” said Mr. Anglin. “At 42, CAL will not be slowing down. Instead
let’s infuse it with energy so it can be vibrant and active part of national
life for many more years.”


  1. 42 years and the business can’t operate without millions of donations from the people’s pocket?? This is nothing to be proud of. I have to pay exhorbitant fares and then pay their operating expenses as well!!!!! Actually I dont pay the fares, because I dont fly CAL!

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