Butterfield funds future architect’s dreams

Michael Daley is this year’s
recipient of the Butterfield Undergraduate Scholarship.

Each year the scholarship is
awarded to a student who has a track record of strong academic ability,
community involvement, proven leadership qualities and who has secured a place
at a reputable university. The scholarship supports the recipient for four
years of study with up to US$40,000 per year.

“I am awestruck about being the
recipient of the 2010 Butterfield Scholarship. This is one of the many examples
that keeps me motivated to reach for the stars,” said Michael.

Michael will be studying
architecture at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia.

Michael, who lives with his mother
Vivienne and younger sister Ciara in Bodden Town, credits his family for being
his inspiration.

“My family is a big part of my life
because they always emphasise never giving up on my dreams,” he said.

“My mother has always been very
supportive and encouraging, which has been very motivating. My older sister
Leslie is great when it comes to sharing her experiences in higher education,
which has provided vital directions for my future studies.”

After graduation, Michael plans to
return to Cayman to establish his career as an architect and hopes to
eventually become the owner of an architectural firm.

“With my dedication and the
continued support of my family, I know I will continue to achieve my dreams,”
he said.

Butterfield’s Learning and
Development Manager Samantha Nehra said: “We were extremely impressed with
Michael’s determination, humble disposition and pure drive to achieve the best
he can achieve,” she said.

“It’s also exciting to be able to
offer the scholarship to an ex-employee of Butterfield. We look forward to
Michael’s development and growth and seeing the fruits of his labour when he
returns to Cayman.”

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