Editorial for August 20: Tempura case still revolting

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Operation Tempura keeps rearing its
ugly head. This time we learn that the arrest of one of our own during the
Tempura roundup was unlawful.

For his troubles he was offered
around $7,755.

His troubles included being in
lockup for 31 hours; in jail for two days and humiliation suffered at the hands
of his former fellow police officers who found him guilty based on allegations

Burmon Scott was a 28-year veteran
of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service when he retired in 2006.

His humiliation began when police
officers arrested him at his Walkers Road Vehicle Licensing Department and
continued when he had to face the public at his very public job, knowing that
people thought he must be guilty of something.

Operation Tempura was a two-year
long criminal investigation of alleged misconduct and corruption within the
RCIPS. It ended last year with the acquittal of two men; one an RCIPS deputy
police commissioner and another, a former Cayman Islands MLA, on charges
against them. It was initially begun by then-Police Commissioner Stuart

The operation itself cost the
Cayman Islands millions of dollars; money that was paid out of our coffers and
not reimbursed by the United Kingdom, which had control of the whole sordid

Part of that payment – $1.275
million – went to Justice Alexander Henderson, an amount initially refused by
the Cayman Islands Cabinet but forced through by then-Governor Stuart Jack
using his reserved powers under the constitution.

Justice Henderson was also wrongly
arrested by the Tempura team.

And that’s where the rest of the
insult comes to Mr. Scott.

He was offered a paltry $7,755 for
the same offence – suspicion of misconduct in a public office -that Mr. Henderson
received more than $1 million for a ‘full and final settlement.’

He chose not to take the money and
we don’t blame him.

Someone needs to do right by this


  1. -Burmon needs to find an attorney to sue demanding at least two million dollars. The x-paat Judge judge is no better than our own local home boy " Mr. Burmon Scott" so who has the nerve to offer this son of the soil peanuts where as you offered ax x-pat millions of [email protected]! this is proof that Caymanians are in trouble under this system of government and you better do something about it. Burmon my advise to you is to sue the government and get your millions. If you don’t sue them for the same or more than what Judge Henderson received, I will begin to think that you think you are inferior, you must send a message and demand more than what Judge Henderson received.

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