Jaguars will be purring soon

The Chiro Spa Jaguars are having a
mixed season in flag’s Domino’s women’s league. Sometimes they are purring and
showing feline-like reflexes, other times inexperience among the players new to
the sport lets them down. But they are always exceptionally competitive.
Quarterback Jessica Pawlik has been one of the side’s most influential

She said; “We believe the season is
going very well for us. We have some new members and they are learning the game
and rules very well and we are progressing well. We don’t have any best
players; we all contribute to the team and to getting the win.”

Although mostly new to the sport,
the Jaguars showed predator instincts when taking a notable scalp recently.
“The biggest highlight of our season so far is beating the second placed
Hammerheads Lady Sharks in a nail biter two weeks ago,” Pawlik said.

Despite their league form being
sporadic, Pawlik is looking forward to the playoffs. “We believe that we will
do well in the playoffs if we continue to execute our offense and we continue
to have a strong defence. No one in this league is unbeatable so we try to have
positive attitudes and play the game our coaches have taught us. We believe we
are one of the best. It’s all about playing smart football.”

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