Teachers get to know their islands

Cayman’s teachers now have the
opportunity to get to know their islands a little better.

The Cayman Islands Department of
Tourism recently gave over 600 of its Know Your Cayman Islands reference guides
to the Education Department.

The guides were presented to
Education Ministry Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues at the Education Department’s
teachers’ conference on Thursday, 26 August. 

As part of its Education Awareness
Programme, the Department of Tourism assists Cayman’s educators in teaching
tourism concepts in the classroom. For example, the Tourism Education Workshop
held in March included participation from nearly every school in the Cayman Islands.

The reference guide provides basic
facts about the Cayman Islands and was designed to assist tourism service
professionals in providing historically correct and general information to
visitors. DoT has used the books in its Cayman Pride customer service programme
for frontline tourism workers.

“The content of the booklet can be
delivered in many creative ways to reach any audience and help them to retain
the information,” said DoT’s coordinator for tourism training and development,
Dianne Conolly.

“The Pride programme uses the book
to enhance the customer experience by arming their participants with accurate
information to share with our visitors.”