Security costs for politicians

Premier McKeeva Bush has outlined
security costs to members of the opposition party, the People’s Progressive
Movement, when they were in power, to combat what he described as “misleading statements”
about how much his administration is spending on security for its members.

Mr. Bush said that according to
documentation provided by the Cabinet Office, when current and former PPM
members were in power, they had new security systems installed in their homes
or replaced existing security systems at a total cost of $34,349.

A Freedom of Information disclosure
this year revealed that the premier had spent nearly $42,000 on a security
system, including closed circuit television cameras and an intruder alarm, for
his home in West Bay, and that his on-site security guard services cost $45,600
from December 2009 to May 2010.

Reading a prepared statement in the
Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, the premier said security systems had been installed
at the homes of current Leader of the Opposition Kurt Tibbetts, when he was
leader of government business, at a cost of $4,419; Alden McLaughlin for
$4,832; Arden McLean for $6,571; former speaker of the House Edna Moyle for
$4,508; Charles Clifford for $7,592; and Osbourne Bodden for $6,427.

The premier said the only member of
the previous PPM government who did not take the security offered to him was
Bodden Town MLA Anthony Eden.

“These costs indicated above do not
include the ongoing cost of monitoring the security of their homes, which
continued until April 2009, one month prior to the general elections,” Mr. Bush
said, adding that none of the costs accrued were made known to him and were not
included in government spending examined in Finance Committee.


  1. Blah, blah, blah McKeeva! Those 6 security systems don’t even get close to what you have spent on your security system and security force. You can never justify what you have taken from the people so please stop wasting our time. By the way, how much is it going to cost for your security guards to accompany you to Asia? That’s a figure that I would like to take a look at!!!

  2. Am I reading this correctly? Mr. Bush spent $42,000 for one security system in his home while the PPM spent at total of $34,349 to install a total of 6 security systems at 6 different residences during their tenure in office. For $42,000, that security system better be fixing meals, cleaning house, washing windows and doing the laundry as well!!

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