Miss Cayman 2010 to focus on Caymanian youth

A new Miss Cayman was crowned Saturday night:
Cristin Alexander, 23,  of Bodden Town
won the title for 2010. A recent graduate of the University of Western Ontario,
Cristin chose the Cayman Islands Cancer Society as her platform. She was
sponsored by Island Air/Lobster Pot. First runner-up was Shari Walton, 21;
second runner-up:  Mysti  Bush, 23. Other awards were:  Trudyann Duncan – Miss  Personality; 
Shari Walton – Best in Gown; 
Cristin Alexander – Best Legs; 
Shari Walton – Best Smile;  Mysti
Bush – Miss Photogenic. –

Cristin Alexander, 23, of Bodden Town won the title for 2010.
Photo: Jess Tagoona


  1. I’m in two minds about this ‘Miss ….’ competition stuff. Part of me hopes it’s harmless for the entrants, and that they can survive the un-naturalness of flaunting, sorry, parading themselves in public (how Caymanian is that?); and part of me hopes they will not be drawn into the shabby demi-world of apparent glamour, escorts, etc which we all know is there to catch them and take them downhill.
    I would like to hear our politicians’ comments on it: they manage a high moral tone on just about everything: why not this?

  2. Congrats to Cristin!

    The one thing that has ALWAYS bothered me is that most importantly you have to be the tallest to win,and this has been evident in every pageant.

    You have to be very tall and slender and fit the criteria of hollywood models.

    Yes intelligence and an overall good character is important,but the tallest ones always came out on top(no pun intended)even if the other contestants were more suitable role models or had more than a high school diploma and popularityand talent.

    I really wonder what would happen if one year SHORT(beautiful,talented,photogenic,well educated)contestants entered and they are pratically the same height?Would they scrutinise the contestants by the centimeter to find the winner?

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