$10K reward in Fidelity robbery

A reward of up to US $10,000 leading to the arrest and conviction of the Fidelity bank robbers is being offered.

Fidelity Bank, Cayman Crime Stoppers and the RCIPS have joined forces to offer the reward for information leading to the arrest, and subsequent conviction, of the people responsible for the robbery at the Dr Roys Drive branch Friday, 24 September.

Shortly before 10.00 a.m. on that Friday, three men, all armed with what appeared to be firearms, entered the bank. Police said they threatened customers and staff before making off with a sum of cash.

No shots were fired and although no one was injured, staff and customers were left shaken by the ordeal.

Initial reports indicated that the men responsible made off in a black coloured Jeep Compass.

The suspects were described as follows:

Suspect 1 – Brown complexion, 6′ tall, weighing about 180 lbs. He was wearing a white overall over his face and dark glasses.

Suspect 2 – Around 5’9”, slim build, 170 – 180 pounds with a dark brown complexion, wearing denim pants and a white and grey coloured shirt.

Suspect 3 – Around 5’9”, 170-180 pounds, with a dark brown complexion, wearing a white shirt and dark pants.

“We are grateful to Fidelity Bank and Cayman Crime Stoppers for joining with the RCIPS to offer this reward,” RCIPS Superintendent Marlon Bodden said. “The men responsible are still at large but there is no doubt that someone knows who they are, where they are and the location of the firearms used in this crime.”

“This was a terrifying ordeal for the staff members and the customers involved. Although no one was injured a number of people, including an expectant mum, were left traumatised by the ordeal.”

Anyone with any information about this crime should inform the police immediately. Calls can also be made to Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. The Government needs to Urgently get control of the Criminal situation in Cayman or they will need Cruise ship berths, as there will probably not be enough ships calling at Cayman just like it was in Jamaica after independence and for many years after because of the criminal situation.

  2. The Police Service Should offer more ways for people to comfortably submit information anonymously rather than coming forward without fear of retribution or calling a hotline,and there are 4 ways I can think of, if these options are not available already.

    1)Drop boxes for anonymous letters.
    Just as Restaurants have comment boxes, the Police Service should have some of their own.These boxes should be placed in places where people can be comfortable leaving this information,and the police alone should be responsible for unloading these boxes,no one else. The boxes should be placed in post offices,so people can come by while getting their mail.They should be place in school admin buildings,as in many unfortunate cases children are in fact aware of people who commit crimes or crimes that have been committed and sometimes live with them, and have to suffer in silence, because they can’t talk to a police officer to ask for help to get them out of their situation.Some of them want to live free and have a better life and suffer because they sometimes can’t choose who they live with and definitely can’t choose who their families are.It could be as simple as tearing a piece of paper of a school book and writing the information down,dropping it into box,that could be the key to helping solve a crime.
    Or,people should be encouraged to mail their letters to the Police’s postal box without a return address.

    2)A special number for people to submit text messages anonymously.
    This is obviously used very often from Lime & Texaco for raffles and other sweepstakes to enter to win. The Police service should have one established, for people to text anonymously, and have their info directed straight to the police database for investigaton.Almost everyone has a phone and is texting during the day.This can give people in need of help the oppurtunity to give information on a person or crime at any given time and not worry about going to the post office,a drop box,or calling,or coming forward. Of course-don’t bother with the return text thanking them for the information.

    3)The Police to create a website or email address, if one has not been created already or use the existing government website,with an option to anonymously submit emails with information without the need of entering their personal email address or name.

    4)Cayman Compass & Cayman News Service to give people the seperate option of anonymously giving information that will be directed straight to the police and will not require its posters’ name,nickname or email address.Furthermore it is more essential that the posters information will be respected as private,not be used in any regular posts by bloggers or for independent investigations by the compass or news service, but to only be used as a safe channel for information to be sent through to the police by people who need help having their voices and concerns acknowledged.Also if someone subconscously places their name or any hint of their identity it should be removed from their post to protect them.

    Ultimately these ways if ever considered for use,should always remain anonymous in every sense of the word.There should be not be an attempt to track or question the person submitting the info further,as their identities were not meant to be known in the first place.They should simply be appreciated and taken seriously and an investigation underway.It may be realised in the long run by police that alot of information may relate to eachother,there may be a common culprit/s of these crimes,but they will not know until other safer options provided for people to help.

    I hope these suggestions get them thinking…

  3. Good thinking.

    But Can we start with the List of unsolved Mysteries please. Murders or maybe even serial killers or hired hit men may be still walking around free. We need to know who committed all these unsolved mysteries. It makes the island unsafe. We also question why the police has not reopened the unsolved mystery cases?
    That’s suspicious.

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