25 kids complete ‘Passport’ programme

A total of 25 students have
successfully completed the second Passport2Success programme created by the Ministry
of Education, Training and Employment.

The programme offers students a
chance to improve their ability to be hired.

Students last month earned a weekly
performance-based stipend and stamps in their mock ‘passport’ based on completion
of each section of the programme.

The programme addressed skills like
literacy and information technology while teaching students how to secure and
maintain a job, and it helped prepare students for the realities of the

Classes were led by Liz Ramkissoon,
who has a background in education and human resources.

“We seek to extend our
participant’s encounters beyond a general education foundation, reaching out
through employment workshops, work experience, community service and even
extracurricular activities,” she said. 
“We even address such personal and social skills as dress, communication,
behaviour and attitude, all critical in the modern workplace.”

Programme coordinator Shannon
Seymour praised the response from the private sector, noting that many
companies contacted her about sponsorship and involvement opportunities.

“The combination of motivated
participants and willing community partners speaks not only to the confidence
created by the success of the pilot, but also to the ongoing importance of the
programme,” she said.

The scheme allows local employers
to play a significant role in the formation of Cayman’s workforce.

LIME’s general manager Anthony
Ritch said he is pleased that LIME is able to contribute to the programme.

“Everyone benefits from the
programme’s positive focus and its efforts to prepare young people for the
world of work,” he said.  “The Passport
course gives them the opportunity to develop both personal and career skills,
achieving long-lasting strong social benefits for the community at large.”

Education and Training Minister
Rolston Anglin said the programme helps students gain a firm grasp of
employers’ expectations.

“It’s designed to ensure that your
transition to the world-of-work is as smooth as possible,” he said.  “We hope to give the young and unemployed a
chance to help themselves.”

for the free program must submit a registration form at [email protected],
or by calling 949.9355 or visiting www.passport2success.ky

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