Citco hosts college interns

The Cayman Islands offices of Citco
recently hosted three college interns from three different colleges. 

Kasinda McField came to Citco to
complete her required internship for her Certificate in Accounting Programme
from March and concluded her rotation through all of the departments in each of
the three lines of business operating in Cayman: Citco Trustees, Citco Fund
Service and Citco Bank and Trust. Kasinda assisted in preparing for a major
project rollout and assisted with the database conversion cleanup for the
Corporate and Legal Team of Citco Fund Services. She also had exposure to
Investor Relations, Treasury, Fund Accounting and Internal Accounting
departments during her four-month tenure with the company. 

Citco Cayman also sponsored Kasinda
to attend the two day training seminar at Innovative Management and Professional
Training on Introduction to Hedge Funds in the Cayman Islands. According to
Senior Corporate Manager Anna Cummings, “When we decided to partner with UCCI
for the Certificate level internship, we expected to invest our resources in
making Kasinda’s time with Citco Cayman a solid learning experience. She, in
turn, met the challenges with enthusiasm and intelligence and became a valued
member of our team during her short tenure with the company.”

Matthias Barnett, who was home for
his summer vacation from Indiana Wesleyan University, worked fulltime in July
with Citco Fund Services, focusing exclusively on Fund Accounting. He assisted
one of the professional accounting teams with cash reconciliations and applied
his knowledge in the field prior to returning for his final year in his
bachelor’s degree programme.  According
to Steve Ali, senior account manager, “Matthias was a great help to the department
during his four weeks with us, and we enjoyed having him conduct his internship
with Citco Fund Services. He should be well prepared for his last year of
studies knowing how accounting theory is applied in the working world”.

Currently, Citco Cayman is hosting
Donnalissa Thorpe, a seven-term Dean’s List student who is finishing her final
quarter of studies at the International College of the Cayman Islands.  During this Fall Quarter, Donnalissa hopes to
gain insight into the financial services industry during her three months with
Citco, as this is her first time working in an office environment.  She will earn the required credits to
complete her associate degree and plans to continue her undergraduate studies
for a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in
finance and accounting.


Citco Cayman also congratulates
former John Gray High School intern Leanne Ritch on recently being crowned the
Miss Teen Cayman.  Leanne conducted her
work study internship requirement with Citco Fund Services in 2009 and is
pursuing further studies in accounting. 

Paul Kelly, Citco
Fund Services managing director, said: “Citco is pleased to be able to assist
all three recent college interns…  We
have modified our offerings and experiences for them and accommodated each
accordingly, and we thank the many members of staff who have guided them and
spent considerable energy and shared their expertise and knowledge with them
during their time with us”.

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