Alphasoft gives hardware

Computer services company Alphasoft
has donated 15 new HP systems to the Triple C School computer lab.

The first donation to the school
three years ago included 11 computers, a switch and licensing needs.

Alphasoft’s sales and marketing
manager Victoria Wheaton said she was fulfilling her promise of donating IT
equipment to one of the island’s top educational institutions.

“We appreciate that in order to
teach computer studies, schools require up-to-date technology so when their
students enter the working world, they have the skills to make them an asset in
a competitive market,” she said.

Triple C’s information technology
teacher Rob Crysler said that Alphasoft’s donation helps keep the computer lab
current in the constantly changing world of IT.

“Our students benefit greatly by
being able to use these systems,” he said. 
“This has freed up the machines being replaced to be put to good use

Last year, another 15 new computer
systems were added and upgraded to make Triple C’s lab current.

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