Passport2Success making progress

Already in the fourth week of its
second programme, Passport2Success is aiming to continue its role in providing
positive change to the community.

Programme coordinator Shannon
Seymour said she didn’t really know what to expect the first time around.

“This time around we have a solid
base, so the transition of the new group has certainly felt smoother,” she
said.  “The community is much more aware
of the programme, which means we’re not having to actively solicit private
sector support.”

“Our challenge this time is to
ensure that we can accommodate everyone who wants to be involved,” she said.

The participants are learning about
communications in the workplace this week, including the importance of
nonverbal messages and the appropriate use of email. They plan on visiting
Century 21 and Deloitte, and have already visited the Water Authority and UBS.

“Site visits are a very valuable
part of the programme because they provide participants with a peek inside
local companies as well as an opportunity to learn about a wide range of
employment positions within a given industry,” said Mrs. Seymour.

“Local companies have been very
supportive in extending an invitation to our participants, and many of their
employees have taken time to meet with participants personally and share their
own career journey,” she said.  “Young
people often look at someone who holds a management position and fail to
realize that their path may have started with sweeping floors, waiting table or
opening mail.”

Education and Training minister
Rolston Anglin said he is delighted with the progress of Passport2Success.

“For the immediate future, there
will be two more offerings of the programme after this current one is complete,
which will take us to July 2011,” he said. 
“From here, a full review of the programme will take place to ensure
that we continue to meet the needs of our youth.”

Mr. Anglin said he looks forward to
the growth and development of the programme.

“My over-arching aim is to reach a
point where it is no longer needed because we would have solved the problems
which Passport2Success aims to correct,” he said.  “However, that time is not yet, and as long
as there is a need for it, I will ensure that it is available to this
vulnerable group in our society.”

Mrs. Seymour said that programme is
off to a wonderful start. “Many of the current participants know people who
were in the pilot, which has given them a boost of confidence in the programme
and helps them to set goals for themselves,” she said.

She added that the participants are
busy developing their community service projects and that they are working on
their resume writing and interviewing skills.

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