Sean Paul-album master

Jamaican superstar Sean Paul plays
an exclusive concert at Royal Palms on Friday, 5 November, having made a name
for himself worldwide through four seriously brilliant albums.

Stage One

First up was debut Stage One, which
was released in the United States by VP Records/Universal in March 2000.

It launched the dancehall dude into
the consciousness of a wider musical world, with standout tracks like She Want
It, Hot Gal Today, Real Man and Infiltrate – the latter using the same
Playground riddim as Beenie Man’s 7”, Who Am I, and Deport Dem, another take on
Beenie’s Bookshelf riddim. Paul’s flow was tight and his voice fresh, his style
drawing comparisons with DJ Super Cat, amongst others, though the record showed
but a glimmer of the explosive stuff that was around the corner.


Dutty Rock

From 2002 onwards, Sean Paul hooked
up with Jae Blaze and Blaze Entertainment, a production team from Canada. The
results, by anybody’s standards, were stunning. Opening with a hybrid
dancehall/R&B/hindi vibe, the album spawned two massive hits in Get Busy,
and Baby Boy, featuring the not-inconsiderable talents of Beyonce Knowles. The
single Gimme the Light used the Buzz rhythm popularised by Black Shadow that
year. Like Glue also hit big as did Sean Paul’s duet with Sasha, I’m Still in
Love With You. The track, based on Alton Ellis’ famous song of the same name,
brought more worldwide attention. To date, Dutty Rock has sold well over 6 million
copies worldwide and helped the artist win a Grammy as well as plaudits from
the UK’s MOBO Awards.


The Trinity

Sean Paul’s aptly-named third album
saw the artist return to Jamaica for the entire recording. He collaborated with
such producers as Lenky Marsden, Don Corleon, Renaissance Crew and Jah
Snowcone. By now Paul had been widely-acknowledged as a fusion artist capable
of operating not just in the dancehall arena but also in reggae, hip hop,
fusion and pop. The record may have been three years in coming, but it was
surely worth the wait. The Trinity dropped in September 2005 and sold 107,000
in the US in its first week, which was the highest-ever reggae debut. Its
biggest hit was Temperature, which became his third Billboard chart-topper,
along with crackers We Be Burnin’, Ever Blazin, Give It Up To Me and Never
Gonna Be the Same.


Imperial Blaze

Released in August 2009, Sean
Paul’s fourth record was fuelled by Paul’s ambition to prove he was the best in
the world at what he did. Few were going to argue after hearing lead single So
Fine, produced by Stephen Di Genius McGregor. It also marked a more political
edge to the artist in comparison to more party-friendly songs like Get Busy. By
this stage Sean Paul’s fame was such that the LP reached number one in Japan,
marking a true arrival on the international stage. Imperial Blaze, said the
artist, meant king’s fire – Paul considered himself not the king but the fire,
the flame, the energy. Of 60 initial tracks 19 made it onto an LP that was a
real progression compared to previous work, with electro hop leanings
showcasing the artist’s continual thirst to deliver new energy and style. It
was the first ever Jamaican album to debut as number one in the Billboard

With a back catalogue like that
from which to choose, there’s no doubt that when he takes the stage at Royal
Palms, whatever setlist Sean Paul delivers is going to be of superior quality
and class. He’s got the skill, the moves, the experience and above all the
music to set the What’s Hot-sponsored gig at Seven Mile Beach afire.



General admission tickets are CI$40
and available from  all Digicel locations
and all JN Money Transfer locations, which include National Building Society of
Cayman (Eastern Avenue), On the Run (Red Bay & Industrial Park), Discount
Liquor, Wine, & Spirits (Pasadora Place) & Tortuga Rum Company Ltd.
Other ticket outlets are Quik Cash (Sheddon Road) Royal Palms, Funky Tangs,
Reflections, and The Office. Contact Paramount Media on 949 8423 or
[email protected] for further information.


Sponsors list

Platinum sponsors: Digicel; Island
Companies; JN Money Transfer; What’s Hot. Platinum telecom: Digicel. Platinum
beverage: Cayman Distributors; Platinum accommodations and press conference:
Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort.

Gold sponsors: Red Bull; Royal
Palms; Island Taste/Hungry Horse; Snack Shack.

Silver sponsors: R&S
Entertainment Centre/Reid’s Premier Tours; Coconut Car Rentals; Cayman Islands
Department of Tourism.


Sean Paul is a lively performer.
Photo: File

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