RCIPS has churches’ support

Officers of the Royal Cayman Island Police Service were treated to a special appreciation service and luncheon by the Church of God congregations island-wide on Sunday.

The officers were acknowledged for their contributions and hard work and prayers were offered on their behalf.

At the Bodden Town Church of God, Pastor Winston Rose and the congregation expressed their appreciation at the critical role the RCIPS plays in maintaining peace, order and safety in the Cayman Islands.

Pastor Rose thanked the officers and said they have the congregation’s full support in carrying out their duties. He said that while the churches are working to encourage and guide the people to live lives that glorify God and positively impact the community, the churches acknowledge the challenges, dangers and changing dynamics police officer deal with on a daily basis.

“We need a strong, disciplined, professional and committed police service. We know there are times when your jobs must seem very discouraging, but don’t give up the good fight,” he said. “Don’t give in to temptation; you are not alone in your desire to see a better and safer Cayman. The people of this church and our steady prayers are supporting you, unbeknownst to you.

“So how can we turn things around?” he asked, “We view our church as playing an integral role in turning things around in this community, and we are seeking to be more relevant to and visible within the community and meet some of the needs that are within our reach,” he said.

“We believe and teach that we cannot expect the government and the authorities to do everything for us,” the pastor said. “It is not the police’s or teachers’ responsibility to raise or discipline our children; that is the job of parents and guardians. If we all do our little part, what a change we could see in our community.

Pastor Rose said the church wants to get to know each of the officers and they want them to know the congregation. “It is simply the Caymanian way to know your neighbours and those who live and work in the community,” he said.


  1. Rev. Winston Rose,

    Thanks for being a nice clergy to the Cayman Islands RCIP.

    Are you aware of the request that RCIP has made for the community to take part in a survey looking for feedback on their performance?

    The Cayman News Service has received numerous responses to your requests about how locals feel, BUT NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED? Why is this being handled like a ongoing Case in Court? Why are our comments not printed in the other online news media, why are the voices of the people being shut down?
    Certainly CNS cannot complain that the complaints are derogatory as they have not printed NOT EVEN ONE RESPONSE. since the RCIP request was made!

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