Caledonian makes
Cayman greener

Caledonian Group has announced a joint partnership with the Department of Environment and Parks and Recreation to replant native trees across the island.

Caledonian, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary, initially planned to commemorate this milestone with a Forty Trees for Forty Years initiative with the goal to replant forty trees across Grand Cayman to symbolise each year that the company has been a part of the community.

In developing the replanting project, Caledonian learned about a DoE project called the Cayman Islands Native Tree Nursery, which is a government run facility that exists to ensure the continuation of the island’s endemic plants.

Recognising the opportunity to make a larger and more sustainable impact on the environment, Caledonian approached DoE with a partnership to support the nursery and its goal of protecting and promoting Cayman’s rare plant life.

In addition to planting 40 trees, Caledonian will now help finance the Native Tree Nursery’s large scale indigenous tree restoration project to ensure the continuation of Cayman’s unique plants for years to come.

“Preserving local plant life is also about preserving Cayman’s heritage,” said Robert Walker, Caledonian Fund Services Manager. “Many of the unique species found across the islands have great cultural significance and we at Caledonian not only want to mark our anniversary, but we truly want to promote efforts that will have long lasting results for our community.”

“As development increases across Cayman and natural habitat is lost, it becomes increasingly more important to save our endangered endemic species,” said Mat Cottam from the DoE. “We are extremely grateful to Caledonian for helping us propagate Cayman’s rare plants and save them from extinction.”

The Native Tree Nursery partnership will be an ongoing project between Caledonian, DoE and Parks and Recreation. The three organisations will form hands-on environmental teams that will replant new growth in areas needed, educate Cayman’s youth about rare plants and help to raise the awareness levels of Cayman’s unique ecosystem.

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