UK protester made ‘contact’ with Camilla

Secretary Theresa May has confirmed there was “contact” between the Duchess of
Cornwall and one of the protesters who attacked her car.

she did not confirm reports the duchess was poked with a stick during student
protests on Thursday.

Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Paul Stephenson, has spoken to
Prince Charles following the incident. Overnight the police have issued images
of 14 alleged rioters. The BBC understands there have been some positive
responses from members of the public to the release of the images.  The protesters launched an attack on a car
carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall as it passed along Regent

Rolls-Royce was kicked, splashed with paint and a window was cracked to chants
of “off with their heads”.

were reports Camilla was poked with a stick, through one of the car windows as
the royal couple made their way to the London Palladium.

May told Sky News: “I’m not sure about the term ‘poked with a stick’. I understand
there was some contact made.

 “Again, this is an incident that needs to be
looked at by the Metropolitan Police. That is what they are doing. So we will
very soon have the details of that.  “And
obviously it will be for them to look at what happened and decide whether there
are any lessons that need to be learned.”

said had not considered offering her resignation over the incident and added:
“Of course that’s an incredibly regrettable incident that took place.

should praise the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall for their
response – they carried on with the engagement they were doing that evening so
they didn’t let down the people who were expecting them.” A Clarence House
spokesman confirmed Prince Charles and Sir Paul spoke following Thursday’s

Scotland Yard spokesman declined to confirm reports the commissioner apologised
personally to the Prince.

have been ‘positive responses’ from the public to the release of the images
There has been speculation in the wake of the incident that the Prince of Wales
may trade in his Rolls-Royce for a more secure vehicle.

May said the Phantom VI might not be “appropriate” for the purpose any more.

car was a gift from the Car Association to the Queen in her Silver Jubilee year
of 1977, but Mrs. May said: “One of the issues that may very well be looked at
is the question of the appropriate transport that is used by the Prince of
Wales and Duchess of Cornwall.”

Minister David Cameron has said protesters who engaged in violence should face
the “full force of the law”.

have reviewed hours of CCTV footage as part of their investigations into the
disorder and have appealed for the public’s help in identifying suspects.

Chief Superintendent Matthew Horne said: “The vast majority of the people we
are seeking are suspected of committing serious offences of violent disorder
and criminal damage.”

added: “The rights of protest and expression are important to us all.

people breaking the law, endangering those protesting peacefully and committing
offences such as this are criminals.”

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