Police: Man tried to set woman on fire

What was described as an on-going domestic dispute led to a woman being doused with gasoline and employees of a condo complex being terrorised, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. 

Just after 10am Sunday, police got a report that someone was trying to set the Plantation Village located in Seven Mile Beach off West Bay Road on fire.

Investigators said a man went to the customer service office at Plantation Village – which is along Seven Mile Beach in George Town – and sprayed a woman with gasoline then attempted to set her ablaze. Police said she managed to lock the office door, after which police said the suspect used a van to drive into the front glass door of the building. The woman and two other employees remained locked in the office for safety.

Officers said the suspect then threw a gallon bottle filled with gasoline into the building and used a lighter to start a fire.

The victims managed to escape through a rear door while the building was on fire.

The vehicle and the office building were extensively damaged.

The offender was arrested at the scene and taken to George Town Police Station where he remains in custody.

One of the victims was taken to the George Town Hospital, treated for smoke inhalation and then released.


  1. Justice Smellie MAKE SURE THIS (expletive) GETS
    ‘ NO B A I L!

    beside attempted murder, this is a tourist destination, penalties need to INCREASE WHERE CRIMES TAKE PLACE IN A TOURIST AREA, The courts need to start sending a clear ‘0’ tolerance message to criminals committing crimes in the High Tourist areas.
    We have two industries only Banking and tourism.
    We cannot allow thugs to destroy our country.

  2. How positively disturbing!!!

    Thankfully this woman and the other staff were not physically harmed. Please RCIPS and Legal Dept. – he is a prime example of someone who needs to receive the maximum amount of years in prison. No leniency no matter who he is!

  3. Well he got caught, but I would not be surprised if his sentence is to take a fire prevention course and then offered a job with the fire department as rehabilitation.

  4. As a visiting tourist staying at this resort (leaving yesterday afternoon), I can say this incident was very terrifying. I feel badly for the woman and what she has had to live through leading up to this attack and my heart bleeds for what she had to endure yesterday.
    What the newspaper fails to mention is that it is through the efforts of the tourists staying at the resort that the fire was contained at all and that the police were called and the woman protected. My father personally ran into the cloud of smoke to try to put out the fire at least 5 times using various fire extinquishers.
    I hope this man gets the full penalty and is charged with the attempted murder of his wife, but also the other employees and the visitors staying at the resort. As I saw him run towards towards the office (after crashing his truck into it) holding a propane tank, I knew his intention was to blow up the whole place and I was terrified for my small children and my family.
    Needless to say we all had nightmares last night, even now while safely home in Canada.

  5. The charge should be attempted murder. Nothing to think about here, his intent was clear. When you cover somebody in gas and set the building there are in on fire.

  6. 3 counts of attempted murder.
    Assault causing bodily harm.
    Dangerous Driving.
    Attempted Vehicular Homicide
    and any other charges that apply — and NOTHING less !!!
    He should spend the rest of his life in jail — he is a danger to society.

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