La Dolce Vita’s sweet life

Renowned Italian chef Ercole Musso has opened La Dolce Vita restaurant on the waterfront in George Town, relocating from their Seven Mile Beach location.

La Dolce Vita continues to serve classic Italian cuisine and other Caribbean-inspired dishes with fresh ingredients and homemade pastas. The restaurant also offers an all-day brunch on Sundays.

The traditional Italian brick oven is in the centre of the restaurant, and Chef Musso cooks most of the dishes in a pan rather than on a grill.

“With the pan, the fish, the tomatoes, the capers, whatever you eat, it is cooked just a couple of minutes before,” he said.

The chef, who hails from Barolo — famous for the food and wine — in Northern Italy with a population of only 500 people, but there were six total restaurants.

“People would come from all over,” Mr. Musso said. “The food in Italy is good everywhere, but it’s different in each region. And we cook seasonally, so it’s different food in the summer time, different from the winter.”

Mr. Musso’s grandmother was a chef, and his grandfather raised rabbits, chickens, and had a garden filled with vegetables. When his family ate, they would prepare everything from scratch, something he learned and brought to Cayman.

“I do a beef carpaccio and I use local beef,” he said. “Fresh food makes it lighter, and if you use fresh herbs, basil, rosemary, sage, and the salt and pepper, the taste and the flavour of the food is smoother and more harmonious.”

Nothing is precooked or boiled, which robs the dish of its flavour, according to Mr. Musso. And everything can be matched with wine.

“Our food goes with the wine and the wine goes with the food,” he said, adding that the atmosphere is pleasant so the diner can enjoy the food.

“Everything is very easy,” he said. “The location on the water is beautiful, the kitchen is functional, and we have an easy Italian style.”

La Dolce Vita

, which opened Thursday, 16 December, is at 147 North Church Street in George Town, on the waterfront. Call 946.7678 or go to for more information

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