Letters to the Editor: Learning centre for education

I was one of the people that asked government to put in place a computer learning centre in Bodden Town to help those that do not know how to use the computer learn how to use it and to help children with their school work or anything else in education they would want to learn and to also give the general public access to computers with free Internet.

But to my surprise this is not what is really going on at this so very important learning centre. For one, the centre has no real teacher to assist with teaching and the learning centre is managed poorly.

Children now use the centre as a hang out area instead of them coming to the learning centre to do school work or to learn something on the computers. They use the computers to play games like a game room. The learning centre is also being used by parents as an after school day care. They sometimes drop of their kids at the centre and go to do other things. Some of the parents instruct their children to stay at the learning centre until they get off work.

We even have grown people that come to the learning centre just to play card games for hours on the computers.

Cayman, we are so very blessed to have the learning centre with free Internet and computers.

I do not think any other Caribbean Island has this system in place like Cayman. But still to date our learning centre does not have a proper teacher or even a colour printer in Bodden Town. Both are needed.

I am asking anyone that would like to give up a bit of their time to the Bodden Town learning centre that can help teach the proper use of the computer to go to the centre and help out, also with the children as an after school programme. To anyone out there I am asking even the companies that are making so much money here if you could donate two colour printers as a Christmas present to the learning centre in Bodden Town. We would be so grateful.

To the parents in the town of Bodden Town, refrain from using the centre as an after school day care or hang out area, for the people that run the centre are not baby sitters so don’t tell your children to go and hang out there until you finish work.

Instead, please set up a programme that would bring mother, father and children to the learning centre as a family affair. Perhaps we can become more educated together.

For all of those in Bodden Town and island wide that do not know how to use the computer, do not be ashamed to go to the learning centre and learn how to use the computer. No matter how young or old you may be, the learning centre is there for you to upgrade your education. Instead of playing stupid games, play the learning games for a change. As the old saying goes, you are never to old or too young to learn something new.

Parents, talk to your 
children about the learning centre and their education and become more involved in you children’s education. Remember a mind that is wasted came become the future of crime. So let us not use our learning centre for the wrong reasons, for many people in this world are uneducated. Stop the trend of children or adults in our country without proper education and skills. Use our learning centre wisely.

Emile S. Levy

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