Clifton Hunter making progress

Work on the Clifton Hunter High School site will ramp up to full capacity come February 2011, but in the interim there’s still a lot happening on the campus.

Approximately 90 tradesmen and supervisors will continue concrete works into late December. Roofing work continues on five of the school’s seven buildings and window installation has begun on three.

Accompanied by his ministry’s Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues and Deputy Chief Officer Christen Suckoo, Education Minister Rolston Anglin recently visited the site to assess the project’s progress.

“It feels good to finally visualise some of the changes we have had to make, as the Ministry, Department of Education Services and school staff have continued to work on plans and preparations,” Mr. Anglin said.

“They will have a huge impact on teaching and learning. Given the challenges we’ve faced, I’m happy with the progress. It excites me that we’re talking about potentially occupying the site in September 2011.” .

According to a status report from Education Ministry Project Manager David Benoit, 32 contracts have been awarded and another 15 tender packages are active.

The report also mentioned 12 additional small contractors who are supplying material and equipment to the site.

“It’s great to see and interact with the number of young Caymanians working on the site. Their employment is crucial to our economy,” Mr. Anglin said.

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