Vivendi Theatre show delights kids

Savannah Primary School students were tickled pink during a recent stage performance at Vivendi Theatre.

“Bravo!” “Oh my God did you see that!” exclaimed students as they watched performers twist, tumble and dangle precariously from the ceiling in a breathless performance last week.

Year 1 students were visiting the theatre along with teachers Carolett Kinghorn and Theresa Seymour as part of their studies to learn how to use the five senses to express yourself and experience the world.

As students discovered their silly sides with show clown Old Man, Rob Lok, they were encouraged to use their imagination to develop their five senses.

“Let’s use our imagination to create a wonderful show,” he said, asking students what things they would find in a circus. Food, cotton candy, popcorn, animals and elephants were students’ responses.

Students enjoyed the circus acts intertwined with comedy, dancing and juggling accompanied by Latin style music. Performances by a contortionist and a dancer suspended in a round frame had students marvelling at the talent on display.

The audience was just as awestruck when they saw a young woman twist her body into a number of positions, and a rope-twirling cowboy make a racket with his whip.

Student Leila Dixon said, “The show was so good. I learned to listen.”

Student Tasjah Tatum wondered how they did so many different things. “I liked the girl that did the back flip, I learned about the five senses with what the people do,” she said. Just as impressed by the performances was Jayquan Pinet, who said he learned that in order to do well, you have to practice.

Actors performed for an hour, and the audience showed their enthusiasm at the end of each performance. “What a wonderful show,” whispered students as they waited quietly for the bus to arrive.

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